3Degrees Bookkeeping took over the day-to-day record keeping and payroll management of a successful business, which no longer had the time to manage its own accounts. During an initial review we identified a major concern in that the business had never registered for WorkCover, and quickly sought to have this arranged with the accountant.


To date, we have developed a loyal, ongoing relationship with our client who is able to focus on growing their business in trusting that 3Degrees Bookkeeping is managing their accounts and ensuring all financial obligations are being met.


The accounts team of an online business were no longer capable of handling the record keeping demands after a substantial growth in new business. 3Degrees Bookkeeping came on board to integrate a new job costing system into their financial accounts, and to train and develop the team in all aspects of payroll, tax lodgment and BAS preparation.


We continue to work with our client carrying out periodic reviews of their accounts procedures to ensure all regulatory requirements are being met.


The last bookkeeper of this small business left the accounts in a mess. The records were incomplete and failed to balance, so could not be used to lodge BAS. 3Degrees Bookkeeping completed a full review of the business’s accounts to identify all discrepancies, discussed with the business owner our recommended solutions and undertook a recovery plan to bring the accounts up to date to lodge their BAS.


A new business was referred to 3Degrees Bookkeeping. They had very little knowledge about record keeping. We identified their reporting needs and set up the systems and software most suited to the business’s needs, and were able to guide the business owner through the essential first steps to get their financial accounts operating.


This business was struggling to manage their record keeping due to incompatible software and an outdated accounting package. 3Degrees Bookkeeping firstly undertook to migrate the business’s accounts from a desktop accounting package to the cloud based accounting solution, Xero. We then assisted in integrating their online client billing system into the new software.


The successful completion of this migration project meant that they avoided having to upgrade their outdated computer server, saving thousands of dollars.