3Degrees Bookkeeping helping Accountants

3Degrees Bookkeeping is a new breed of bookkeeping business

Much of an accountant’s time is wasted cleaning up inaccurate records, chasing missing information and analysing reports that aren’t compatible with their own accounting systems. Our focus is to help you drive deeper relationships with your clients by easing your workload in non-core activities.


3Degrees Bookkeeping is a new breed of bookkeeping business. We don’t provide tax advice. Our focus is to help your clients remove the administrative burdens of record keeping while regularly informing you of relevant information that will assist in preparing tax and financial planning.


We have extensive industry experience behind us and will work with you to deliver the best results for your clients. The service we provide is honest, prompt and professional, giving you peace of mind that the job’s being done.


We understand it’s important you trust the people you refer your clients to. Contact us and you will soon learn why so many businesses are referred to 3Degrees Bookkeeping to manage their bookkeeping needs.